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Case 8.2: Lilli Agro - organic straw pellets for animal bedding - Estonia
Name of the company: Lilli Agro OÜ Country: Estonia Size of the business: 3 employees Website: Background The idea to create Lilli Agro arose more than ten years a […]
Case 12.1: Greve Biogass - biogas from agricultural and municipal waste and s...
Name of the company: Greve Biogass AS Country: Norway Size of the business: 12 employees Website: Background Greve Biogas is a partnership established by 11 differen […]
Case 12.2: Pageldynių plantacija - a full scale self-sustainable closed loop ...
Name of the company: UAB Pageldynių plantacija (NutriBiomass4LIFE project) Country: Lithuania Size of the business: municipal water supply and waste water treatment plant – 650 employees, b […]