Business planning tool

This sub-section of e-Tools provides business planning tool which is to calculate annual costs and revenues for seven years and monthly costs and revenues for the first year of a project aimed at bio-based business development.

Grey fields in both forms of the tool, i.e. in income budget and cash flow form, are editable. Please enter your data. Once project-specific data is entered, an assessment of economic feasibility of planned project will be provided.

Completed information can be printed, saved in PDF format or shared via social media channels.

For inspiration on how your new project could work (product portfolio, needed resources, etc.), please visit our virtual library of good practice bio-based business models and real-life inspiring examples.

This tool was developed in the preparation of “Report on good practice business models and example small and medium scale pilot business projects for sustainable bioenergy and side bio-products production in the BSR”. You can download the tool and fill it in Excel format as well (click here to download).

Projected income statement and project profitability assessment

Project feasibility assessment based on start-up cash flows