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About the project

Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) holds a great potential for circular bioeconomy development. Therefore, the BalticBiomass4Value project aimed to enhance capacity of public and private actors within the BSR to produce bioenergy in more environmentally sustainable and economically viable way by utilizing new biomass sources (chiefly, biological waste) for energy production, as well as possibilities to use bioenergy side streams for higher value bio-products. Biomass from different sources (agriculture, food and feed industry, forestry, wood industry, municipal waste and sewage sludge, fishery, algae), its logistics, various biomass conversion technologies and value chains were mapped to identify best practices of bioenergy generation and the potential of more efficient and sustainable deployment of biomass in the BSR.

Seventeen partners from LithuaniaLatviaEstoniaGermanyPolandSwedenNorway and the Russian Federation brought the producers of biomass and bio-based products, as well as relevant public authorities and policy stakeholders  for the implementation of the project together.

The project ended on 31.12.2021.