Database of statistical indicators

This sub-section of e-Tools provides data of 170 indicators under the following 18 themes:
Population (1 indicator)
Land use (5 indicators)
Characteristics of forest biomass area and potential (6 indicators)
Characteristics of agricultural areas (6 indicators)
Yields of the main groups of crops (24 indicators)
Theoretical and technical potential of cereal and rapeseed straw (20 indicators)
Biomass potential from dedicated perennial crops plantations (6 indicators)
Population of main livestock and production potential of manure and slurry (17 indicators)
Characteristics of municipal waste and sewage sludge potential (12 indicators)
Fishery characteristics and potential (5 indicators)
Renewable energy (6 indicators)
Pellets (8 indicators)
Residential heat production (2 indicators)
Heat and cool (11 indicators)
Bioelectricity (10 indicators)
Liquid biofuels (10 indicators)
Biogas (17 indicators)
Incineration plants and biorefineries (4 indicators)

Relevant data can be searched by listed themes, concrete indicators under these themes, years of data, and by country.

Selected data can be printed, saved in PDF format or downloaded as Excel or CSV file.

Users also can draw charts (see bottom area of this page). Several types of charts can be made:
Radar (spiderweb) or column type of chart illustrating data of one indicator for several countries. To draw this kind of chart, please select one theme (e.g., biogas), one indicator (e.g., number of biogas plants), a year (e.g., 2017), and several countries (e.g., Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania).
Radar (spiderweb) or column type of chart illustrating data of several indicators for one country. To draw this kind of chart, please select one theme (e.g., characteristics of agricultural areas), several indicators (e.g., cultivation areas (1000 ha) of cereals, dry pulses and protein crops, root crops, industrial crops, and plants harvested green), a year (e.g., 2017), and one country (e.g., Germany).
Geographical chart (geochart) which is a map illustrating values of one indicator for 9 countries of the BSR. To draw this kind of chart, please select one theme (e.g., incineration plants and biorefineries), one indicator (e.g., number of biorefineries), and a year (e.g., 2017).

For more information on here included indicators and data sources, please read “Report on mapping of biomass value chains for improved sustainable energy use in the BSR”.

wdt_ID Theme Indicator Year Country Result
1 Population Total population (number) 2017 Denmark 5748769
2 Population Total population (number) 2018 Denmark 5781190
3 Population Total population (number) 2019 Denmark 5806081
4 Population Total population (number) 2020 Denmark 5822763
5 Land use Total land cover (1000 ha) 2017 Denmark 43162
9 Land use Cropland (1000 ha) 2017 Denmark 21840
13 Land use Woodland (1000 ha) 2017 Denmark 7935
17 Land use Shrubland (1000 ha) 2017 Denmark 844
21 Land use Grassland (1000 ha) 2017 Denmark 7573
25 Characteristics of forest biomass area and potential Forests (1000 ha) 2017 Denmark 612

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