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Model 4: Specialized Heat and Electricity Production and Services
This type was formed by seven enterprises specializing in district heating. This type is set apart from the others as it is formed by larger heat and electricity service providers partially […]
Model 7: Bio-based Fertilizer for Increased Soil Quality
This cluster is based on four enterprises that specialize in producing compost, biofertilizers, soil improvement products from waste as well as providing know-how, technology and infrastruc […]
Model 12: Utilization of Municipal Waste and Sewage
This type is based on four enterprises using municipal waste and wastewater for their bioenergy production. In comparison with the type of district heating and electricity from various biom […]
Case 4.1: Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej - energy efficient district he...
Name of the company: Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Sp. z o.o. Country: Poland Size of the business: 266 employees Website: Background Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo […]
Case 12.1: Greve Biogass - biogas from agricultural and municipal waste and s...
Name of the company: Greve Biogass AS Country: Norway Size of the business: 12 employees Website: Background Greve Biogas is a partnership established by 11 differen […]
Case 12.2: Pageldynių plantacija - a full scale self-sustainable closed loop ...
Name of the company: UAB Pageldynių plantacija (NutriBiomass4LIFE project) Country: Lithuania Size of the business: municipal water supply and waste water treatment plant – 650 employees, b […]