The BalticBiomass4Value project will end on 31 December 2021. This article provides a summary of all the different activities that were completed during the project.

Main project outcomes:

  • Analysis of market outlook and future viability of different bioenergy products and value chains in the Baltic Sea Region energy system (full report available)
  • Mapping of biomass value chains for improved sustainable energy use in the Baltic Sea Region (full report available)
  • Preparation of good practice business models and example small and medium scale pilot business projects for sustainable bioenergy and side bio-products production in the Baltic Sea Region (full report available)
  • Analysis of regional/local support systems for circular bioeconomy development and preparation of good practice implementation guidelines for public authorities (full report available)
  • Interactive Online Portal (e-tool)
  • Outreach events organised in every project partner country
  • Information of the project activities were disseminated and communicated via the BalticBiomass4Value newsletter, Linkedin, Facebook and the project website.

A more detailed overview of all the project outcomes are available here:

Work Package 1: click here

Work Package 2: click here

Work Package 3. click here

Work Package 4: click here