Category: Production of non-energy high value-added products

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Case 10.2: SatiMed - wellness and health products from the hemp plant - Lithu...
Name of the company: UAB SatiMed Country: Lithuania Size of the business: 8 employees Website: Background SatiMed is a biotechnology R&D company that started with […]
Case 10.3: oceanBASIS - natural cosmetics and food from seaweed - Germany
Name of the company: oceanBASIS GmbH Country: Germany Size of the business: 20 employees Website: Background In 1994, CRM – Coastal Research & Management was f […]
Case 11.1: Borregaard - production of sustainable and environmentally friendl...
Name of the company: Borregaard Country: Norway Size of the business: 1 103 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees Website: Background Borregaard is a company with ric […]
Case 11.2: Emsland Group - sustainability through ‘using nature to create’ - ...
Name of the company: Emsland Group Country: Germany Size of the business: 1 200 employees Website: Background The Emsland Group manufactures vegetable (potato, […]