Category: Integration of complementary biomass production activities into circular production loop

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Model 6: Circular Bioeconomy in Agricultural Production
The type is formed by seven agricultural producers that apply principles of circular production in their resource and waste use in their own production facilities. Enterprises in this group […]
Case 6.1: Energifabriken - fossil fuel free circular economy - Sweden
Name of the company: Energifabriken Country: Sweden Size of the business: 12 employees Website: Background The enterprise was established by three farm families, […]
Case 6.2: Ziedi JP - circular economy in a Latvian farm - Latvia
Name of the company: AS Ziedi JP Country: Latvia Size of the business: 100 employees Website: (virtual tour) Backgro […]
Case 6.3: Wapnö Farm - sustainability and the circular economy example in a S...
Name of the company: Wapnö Farm Country: Sweden Size of the business: 85 employees Website: Background Wapnö Gård is an estate with an old history dati […]