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Model 11: High-value Products from Circular Bioeconomy
This cluster is based on four very specialized enterprises working on highly innovative products, including aquaponic systems, biodegradable polymers, lignin-based products, fish sludge-bas […]
Model 12: Utilization of Municipal Waste and Sewage
This type is based on four enterprises using municipal waste and wastewater for their bioenergy production. In comparison with the type of district heating and electricity from various biom […]
Case 3.1: Kurana - production of bioethanol, electricity and heat from renewa...
Name of the company: UAB Kurana Country: Lithuania Size of the business: 85 employees Website: Background The company started developing its bioethanol and biogas p […]
Case 3.2: 3B Bioenergie - energy production and special processing of digesta...
Name of the company: 3B Bioenergie Country: Germany Size of the business: 9 employees Background The enterprise was originally engaged in dairy farming. In 1998, a small biogas plant was de […]
Case 6.1: Energifabriken - fossil fuel free circular economy - Sweden
Name of the company: Energifabriken Country: Sweden Size of the business: 12 employees Website: Background The enterprise was established by three farm families, […]
Case 6.2: Ziedi JP - circular economy in a Latvian farm - Latvia
Name of the company: AS Ziedi JP Country: Latvia Size of the business: 100 employees Website: (virtual tour) Backgro […]