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Model 1: Heat and Fuel from Woody Biomass
This Business Model type was formed by processing companies using woody biomass aiming to substitute fossil-based energy resources. More specifically, it represented two types of enterprise […]
Model 2: Fuel and Electricity from Biogas
The type is formed by processing companies aiming to replace fossil energy, but what sets it apart from the previous type that used woody biomass for solid fuels, is different biomass input […]
Model 3: District Heating and Electricity from Various Biomass Sources
This Business Model type is based on five enterprises that use waste and other various sources of biomass for the production of heat and electricity, and bioethanol (one company). It is set […]
Model 4: Specialized Heat and Electricity Production and Services
This type was formed by seven enterprises specializing in district heating. This type is set apart from the others as it is formed by larger heat and electricity service providers partially […]
Model 5: Innovation in Novel Fuels and Bio-chemicals
The type is formed by three enterprises that are in the process of developing novel fuels and biochemical products from wood industry residues, wood and plant biomass. The type is set apart […]
Model 6: Circular Bioeconomy in Agricultural Production
The type is formed by seven agricultural producers that apply principles of circular production in their resource and waste use in their own production facilities. Enterprises in this group […]