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Model 8: Sustainable Bio-based Products from Plant-based Biomass
This cluster formed on the basis of five enterprises using cultivated plant based and wood biomass for variety of other bioproducts, incl. food products (vegan, gluten free food, starch, ba […]
Model 9: Sustainable and Novel Bio-based Products from Food Waste and Biomass...
The type was formed on the basis of five enterprises that use food waste, grass and aquatic biomass for developing and producing products for replacing plastic-based straws, cutlery and kit […]
Model 10: High-value Products from Knowledge-based Processing
The type is based on four enterprises specialising in using novel biomass and developing different new products, specifically for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, food and feed ind […]
Model 11: High-value Products from Circular Bioeconomy
This cluster is based on four very specialized enterprises working on highly innovative products, including aquaponic systems, biodegradable polymers, lignin-based products, fish sludge-bas […]
Case 1.1: Ecopellet - environmentally friendly biofuels and pet products from...
Name of the company: Ecopellet OÜ Country: Estonia Size of the business: 3 employees Website:, Background The idea for the production of wood pe […]
Case 1.2: Quercus - production of solid biofuels for energy - Poland
Name of the company: Quercus Sp. z o.o. Country: Poland Size of the business: 86 employees Website: Background The Quercus company was founded in 1992 in Jedwabno, w […]