Explore good practice bio-based business models and real-life inspiring examples

This section of e-Tools provides virtual library of 12 good practice bio-based business models and 20 real-life inspiring examples illiustrating how existing business enterprises are innovating in the bioeconomy sector. These business models and examples are developed to demonstrate how bio-based businesses in the BSR can introduce innovations in their current activities or how can they find a niche for new businesses in the bioeconomy sector.

Search engine of this library (click search icon below) enables to find relevant good practice business models and their examples, i.e. case studies, by specifying value proposition of a business (replacement of fossil fuels, etc.), source of biomass used in production (agriculture and food industry biomass, etc.), and type of production, i.e. energy production, circular bioeconomy development, production of non-energy high value-added products. The search can be narrowed to business models or business cases. Business cases can be searched by country in which analysed business enterprises are located. Search by word or phrase is also possible.

For more information on here presented materials, please read “Report on good practice business models and example small and medium scale pilot business projects for sustainable bioenergy and side bio-products production in the BSR”.

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Case 6.1: Energifabriken - fossil fuel free circular economy - Sweden
Name of the company: Energifabriken Country: Sweden Size of the business: 12 employees Website: https://energifabriken.se/ Background The enterprise was established by three farm families, […]
Case 6.2: Ziedi JP - circular economy in a Latvian farm - Latvia
Name of the company: AS Ziedi JP Country: Latvia Size of the business: 100 employees Website: https://skatskat.lv/virtuala-ture/lauku-seta/lv/kopskats/lauku-seta.html (virtual tour) Backgro […]
Case 6.3: Wapnö Farm - sustainability and the circular economy example in a S...
Name of the company: Wapnö Farm Country: Sweden Size of the business: 85 employees Website: https://www.wapno.se/gaarden/english/ Background Wapnö Gård is an estate with an old history dati […]
Case 8.1: Aloja Starkelsen - organic starch and plant-based products for home...
Name of the company: Aloja Starkelsen Ltd. Country: Latvia Size of the business: 87 employees Website: www.alojas.lv Background The enterprise was established on the basis of a partnership. […]
Case 8.2: Lilli Agro - organic straw pellets for animal bedding - Estonia
Name of the company: Lilli Agro OÜ Country: Estonia Size of the business: 3 employees Website: http://lilliagro.ee/?l=en Background The idea to create Lilli Agro arose more than ten years a […]
Case 9.1: Kaffeeform - coffee cups made from coffee grounds - Germany
Name of the company: Kaffeeform Country: Germany Size of the business: 5 employees Website: https://www.kaffeeform.com/de/ Background Kaffeeform was founded 5 years ago, but the development […]