Catalogue of other relevant bio-based business analysis and planning tools

This sub-section of e-Tools provides information on bio-based business analysis and planning tools that were developed outside our project consortium.

If you know more relevant tools that can be useful for bio-based businesses in the BSR, please take a minute and submit information about them here.

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The greenGain project provides an EU-wide platform to raise awareness on the availability of biomass sources for energy production which are primarily not cultivated as energy crops and which do not compete with food production. The main objective is to contribute to the identification of sustainable sources of biomass to meet EU’s growing demand for renewable energy.

The project’s guidelines provide how biomass originating from landscape conservation and maintenance work can be used.

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The BioRES project aims to introduce the innovative concept of Biomass Logistic and Trade Centres (BLTCs) in Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria based on international cooperation with European technology leaders. The BLTCs as regional hubs are to help at increasing local supply and demand for woody bioenergy products.
The project’s guidebook provides practical guidance on basic terminology and methodology on the biomass logistics, how to establish and operate a BLTC as a regional hub in its different stages of business development.

BioEnergy Farm II
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The BioEnergy Farm II project is looking at micro-scale biogas installations which mainly use own manure and feed left-overs from the farm as a feedstock. The project informs farmers about the existing options for micro-scale digesters. Furthermore, they are being assisted in checking the feasibility of a micro-scale digester on their farm. 15 feasibility studies explore different ways to use the biogas, including alternatives of producing electricity and heat with a CHP installation, gas upgrading for gas grid feed-in, producing heat in a biogas boiler and upgrading the biogas to transport fuel.

Online feasibility calculator of biogas plant is therefore based on these 15 feasibility studies and consultants’ data from Austria, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland.